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FCC Industrial signs its II Equality Plan


FCC Industrial signs its II Equality Plan

FCC Industrial has signed this afternoon with the “UGT” and with “CCOO Industria” the Second Equality Plan of the company.

The director of “FCC Industrial y Infraestructuras Energeticas”, Eduardo Yges, was present at the event; the HR director of FCC Industrial, Mercedes Medina, as well as the federal head of Equality Plans of “CCOO Industria”, Mª Jesús García, and the Secretary of Social Policy and Equality of UGT, Rosa Gorgues.

The plan consists of a set of measures aimed at achieving equal treatment and opportunities between women and men and eliminating any hint of discrimination based on sex. To this end, a series of action areas are focused on: access to employment, promotion, training, remuneration, conciliation and co-responsibility, prevention of harassment based on sex and work, protection of female victims of gender violence and communication. In all these areas, positive measures and actions are agreed to achieve the proposed objectives. In addition, a follow-up plan has been designed with periodic reviews through a specific commission to assess the scope of the measures and schedule the strategy for the following year.

In December 2012, FCC Industrial signed with the majority unions at the state level, whose joint presence in the unitary representative bodies of workers is the majority, its First Equality Plan. With the signing of this II Equality Plan, which will be in force until 2022, FCC Industrial's commitment to effective Equality is reinforced, demonstrating, among other measures, conciliation and co-responsibility as a strategy for achieving effective equality between women and men and that are not exclusively aimed at women; continued participation in training and promotion programs for women; the commitment to hire women victims of gender violence, as well as flexible measures designed to enable the victim, if she is a worker, to have a series of rights that will help her in this situation, or the promotion of other programs and actions specific for which the company has been accredited with the Equality in the Company Badge.