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null FCC Industrial wins the prison reform contract from Alcolea (Córdoba)


FCC Industrial wins the prison reform contract from Alcolea (Córdoba)

FCC Industrial wins the contract of the prison reform of Alcolea, Córdoba. The Union of FCC Industrial and Revenga Engineers will develop the project within 15 months and for an amount more than five million euros.

The project foresees a modernization of the penitentiary center. The provincial prison is It was built in the late 1990s and has hardly received investment since then. A communications network will be created connecting all the prison buildings, using fiber optic cable in all facilities. In turn, that network it will serve as the basis for the reform of the entire intercom system. Appliances will be placed communication in common areas and in the inmates' cells, connected to a receiver in the positions of officials. Another aspect that will improve is the fire detection, which currently only covers administrative buildings In addition, it plans to act to improve some cells to adapt them to the standards Europeans and a plan that also contributes to improving the work of their own prison officials.