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FCC Industrial gana un contrato de 33 millones de euros en el aeropuerto de Dublín (Irlanda)


FCC Industrial wins a 33 million euro contract for Dublin Airport (Ireland)

CLH Aviación has awarded FCC Industrial a turnkey or EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) contract for the renovation of fuel supply facilities for aircrafts and hydrant system for Dublin Airport (Ireland) for an amount of €33 million euros over 36 months.

FCC Industrial wins a 33 million euro contract for Dublin Airport (Ireland)

The DAA Irish airport authority opened a tender for the concession of fuel supply installations at Ireland's main airport, CLH was the awarded company.

CLH, in turn, opened a restricted tender among industrial companies, of which FCC Industrial presented the best technical and financial offer. The contract scope includes the construction of three double wall storage tanks of 5,000 cubic meters capacity each, along with their associated facilities. These tanks will complement the existing ones, thus increasing the airport's fuel storage capacity and potential air traffic thereof.

In addition, FCC Industrial will carry out the construction of a fuel loading platform for the airport tanks as well as the installation of an aircraft ground refuelling underground pipe network and hydrants and the construction of fire protection facilities.

The award also includes the demolition and dismantling of existing facilities and construction of new control buildings and auxiliary facilities.

With this project, FCC Industrial will improve fuel supply capacity for aircrafts at Dublin airport, allowing for an increase of aircraft refuelling and, therefore, reducing aircraft waiting times.


FCC Industrial has accumulated experience over 25 years in the construction and commissioning of industrial facilities (oil pipelines, gas pipelines and liquefied natural gas storage tanks).

This project joins other recently delivered projects, such as the Mariña-Lucense Gas Pipeline (Spain), expansion of re-gasification capacity of the Quintero (Chile) LNG plant and the liquefied natural gas storage tank at the Port of Pöri, (Finland), the latter currently being implemented.

With these projects, FCC Industrial provides energy to citizens and industries, helping local economic growth and strengthening market synergies, which are all carried out under a sustainable and socially responsible growth framework.