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FCC Industrial web launch


FCC Industrial web launch

The Industrial Group of FCC has launched its new site


Http:// portal will be the new platform for the publicity of industrial enterprises of FCC CO, such as, International Tecair S.A, Megaplas, Prefabricados Delta, SA, as well as the recently renamed companies FCC Servicios Industriales y Energéticos, SA (former Deneo, ELCEN, Espelsa, GEINSA and Eurman) and FCC Actividades de Construcción Industrial, SA (Former Assistant Pipelines and ISO). Through this portal, the industrial firms of FCCCO may better reach its customers, stakeholders, universities and public administrations. In short, the new web portal will be the main space for the advertising of youngest brand of FCC.

The new Home hosts provisionally the websites of companies operating under the brand FCC Industrial; these webs can be accessed directly through a link. Later, in the framework of the integration process of industrial enterprises in the same portal, a single web of more global scope will be enabled to present the services and activities of the Industrial Group as a whole.

As before, the design of the web has been carried out by Telefónica, trying to follow the design of the FCC Construction website to effectively project a unified corporate image. Thus, the industrial firms belonging to FCCCO seek to better reach their customers and to place themselves in new areas taking advantage of the guarantee and the commitment of the FCC brand, which has deserved through its entire professional career.

Positioning ourselves for the future

FCC Industrial the youngest brand was conceived during the last quarter of last year thanks to the efforts that the companies involved in the integration have been demonstrating in recent months. This strategy aims to strengthen its presence in the industrial sector, a sector that has managed to avoid the mishaps of the crisis.

As in the past, FCC makes a firm commitment to foster diversity and support the creation of new brands within the Group, with the aim of better reaching your customers and communicating your values to the community that is active. The new brand is not only limited to spread the business message but also has translated into a way of working, a mission and values shared by the companies involved. FCC Industrial collects the vocation of innovation and quality guarantee of the Group to place itself with determination among the major industrial groups in Europe.