• Operation, maintenance and management of Industrial Plants, from the integral solution with guarantee of performance and availability.
  • O & M Critical Installations, with 24-hour service as Production, Control, Data Centers, Vital Services.
  • Own GMAO that makes available to its customers, and offers the domain and management by its operators, of the main alternatives available in the market.
  • Comprehensive preventive and corrective maintenance of large facilities, sports and sports centers and shopping and leisure centers, and special centers of various kinds.
  • Integral solutions including Consumption optimization, Energy Efficiency management. It has CMVP certified technicians.
  • Design and implementation of various comprehensive maintenance programs in public bodies and municipalities, including the drafting of energy savings plans and energy audits.
  • Energy audits in various military complexes, as well as in Shopping and Leisure Centers.
  • Opportunities for R + D + i development, advancing in cybersecurity.
  • Implementation of Big Data and development of algorithms for the development of predictive maintenance. Alliances with the main technological players in the sector.
Operation and Maintenance Guzman and Villena Thermosolar Plant FCC Industrial operates and maintains two solar thermal power plants of 49.9 megawatts at the time of nominal power each year. The solar thermal plants have parabolic cylinder collector type technology, both were designed and built by FCC Industrial.
Operation and Maintenance Espejo photovoltaic plants FCC Industrial operates and maintains two photovoltaic plants of 10 Megawatts of nominal power each year since the year 2.008. The photovoltaic plants located in Espejo (Córdoba) occupy an area of 90 hectares, with 129,200 panels interconnected in series of 17 panels. Due to the efficiency activities, developed by FCC Industrial in photovoltaic plants, an average annual production of 33,200 MW / h (megawatt hours) is generated.