Prefabricados Delta was founded with the aim of offering the prefabrication market the most extensive range of products and the greatest service at the best value for money. The company has four prefabrication factories, two located in Humanes (Madrid) and two in Puente Genil (Córdoba). The four factories are fitted with the latest technology and equipment, which helps us to meet a market-leading manufacturing capacity.

Each factory has its own laboratory in which products are subjected to diverse tests until they are fully approved by our technical quality control team, which is responsible for product control and guaranteeing completely satisfactory results. At Prefabricados Delta S.A., we have a highly qualified workforce (senior engineers, technical engineers, product managers and controllers) that has demonstrated its professionalism and efficiency throughout the years. Our wide range of prefabricated products (reinforced steel-jacketed concrete pipes, post-tensioned steel-jacketed concrete pipes, GRP pipes, segments for tunnels, prestressed concrete railway sleepers, noise barriers, GRC panels, precast concrete panels for facades, and three-dimensional cells for prisons) provide solutions to any technical problem that arises.

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