FCC Industrial e Infraestructuras Energeticas is the FCC Group company that brings together various specialized companies to strengthen the FCC Group's presence in the industrial and energy sector.

The history of FCC Industrial e Infraestructuras Energeticas began in 2010 with the merger of several FCC Group companies in the construction and industrial assembly sectors.

Thanks to this merger process, with which synergies between companies are strengthened, FCC Industrial and Infraestructuras Energeticas is, today, a company with the capacity to execute industrial projects all over the world, from construction in batches or key supply in hand of the installation until its operation and maintenance.

  • Km pipelines
    Km pipelines (Selected)

    Km pipelines

    3000 km

  • LNG tanks
    LNG tanks (Selected)

    LNG tanks built

    8 LNG facilities with capacity to supply 1.53 million homes

  • Light points
    Light points (Selected)

    No. of light points replaced in energy efficiency contracts

    More than 1 million telecontrolled light points

  • Environmental footprint
    Environmental footprint (Selected)

    Ecological environmental footprint

    20 Million citizens

  • Mirrors plants production electricity
    Mirrors plants production electricity (Selected)

    No. Mirrors plants production electricity through renewable sources


  • Maintenance of power lines
    Maintenance of power lines (Selected)

    Maintenance of medium and low voltage power lines

    40% of the national territory in M ​​and BT

  • Facilities Criticism
    Facilities Criticism (Selected)

    Facilities Criticism

    Murcia CPD with higher TIER. Building buildings nZBE, University of Zaragoza

  • M3 of LNG
    M3 of LNG (Selected)

    M3 of LNG store tanks built

    1.1 Mm3 LNG

  • Tons of CO2
    Tons of CO2 (Selected)

    Tons of CO2 that we avoid fruit of the plants that we operate and maintain

    73,600 t / year
    We service 70,000 homes with these plants

  • Energy savings
    Energy savings (Selected)

    Energy savings caused by our activity in municipal corporations and Town Halls

    Reduction of consumption by 70%

  • Electric lines
    Electric lines (Seleccionado)

    Electric lines

    Construction of electric lines up to 500 kV in Spain and LATAM

  • Signs of tunnels and galleries
    Signs of tunnels and galleries (Selected)

    Signs of tunnels and galleries

    More than 1,000,000 points, signs of tunnels and galleries managed by AVANZA.
    More than 10 years of data processed with more than 100,000 PB.

  • Optiport management system
    Optiport management system (Selected)


    Guaranteed operation for port traffic management through our Optiport management system

  • Innovation
    Innovation (Selected)


    in Infrastructures (ports, railways), cibersecurity, O&M (Big Data).