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FCC Industrial receives the national award of the European Business Awards

FCC Industrial received the national award of the European Business Awards, in the category of Environmental & Corporate Sustainability, in an event organized by EBA and the international consultancy RSM. On behalf of FCC Industrial, he received the Guillermo Martinez Ochoa Award, Director of Engineering and Development of the company.

The event took place at the official residence of the United Kingdom Ambassador, where numerous international and national companies attended, such as Leroy Merlin, Santillana, ICO (Official Credit Institute), Borges, among others.

The ambassador of the United Kingdom, Mr. Simon Manley, thanked all the companies for the effort made to achieve this award, and encouraged them to continue establishing and developing commercial and business relations with the United Kingdom.


FCC Industrial was chosen by an international jury, made up of prestigious members of the European business and academic world. The jury assessed the good environmental practices implemented by the company in the different works it carries out, as well as the contribution of the company to the environmental protection of the environment in which it operates.

We protect the environment

The company operates and maintains since 2012 two thermosolar plants of 49.9 megawatts at the rated power hour each. Both were designed and built by FCC Industrial, and constitute a milestone that reflects the contribution of the company to sustainability and energy efficiency. Between both plants they supply more than 30,000 families, which translates into a population of 70,000 inhabitants.

In the Guzmán thermosolar plant, sustainable practices have been implemented, delving into the environmental policy implemented at FCC Industrial. In the evaporation pond, nesting points were created for species such as "Ciconia nigra" and "Phoenicopterus". Access and exit accesses for birds were also created. All these measures have made possible the growth of the local populations of black storks and flamingos.

Finally, in the division of integral rehabilitation of buildings, it continues to combine criteria of sustainability, energy efficiency and profitability. Proof of this, the company obtained, in its work CPD Murcia, one of the highest LEED scores in Spain and Latin America. In addition, in the last months it has been possible to certify the integral rehabilitation of the buildings of Paseo Castellana 278-280 (Madrid) with the gold category.