Systems Area

FCC Industrial's Systems area has extensive experience applying engineering, systems development and technology in an integrated manner, to offer efficient solutions in the infrastructure, industry, transport, defense and security sectors.

This unified vision, an experience of more than 25 years and a multidisciplinary team of experts guarantee the development of solutions adjusted to the needs of our clients, emphasizing the improvement of interconnectivity and the digitization of processes.


Infrastructure and Industry

Infrastructure and Industry
  • Digitization of infrastructures
  • Monitoring and control of assets
  • SCADA systems for supervision and control of critical infrastructures
  • Smart urban management systems
  • Intelligent traffic and toll control systems
  • Process execution and operation management systems (MES/MON)
  • Management and maintenance systems

Security and Defense

Security and Defense
  • Planning of operations (political, strategic and operational levels)
  • Reconstruction and analysis of operations
  • Planning, briefing and debriefing of air missions (tactical level)
  • Command and control systems
  • Surveillance and incident management
  • Emergency management and crisis response
  • Collaborative decision support systems

Simulation and Training

Simulation and Training
  • Training of operational capacities
  • Immersive experience in virtual reality environments
  • Mixed and augmented reality
  • Simulation models of operations
  • Instructor position and digital twin


  • We participate in national and international R+D+i projects and initiatives
  • We develop applications that drive innovation in business processes
  • We innovate with unique products to provide more sustainable and efficient services
  • We provide intelligent digital solutions applicable throughout the production cycle