FCC Industrial is specialized in the construction of on-shore and offshore hydrocarbon transport pipelines.

With more than 2500 km of pipes built, it is a benchmark in the Spanish market in the construction of gas and oil pipelines and its experience and leadership in the sector, together with its specialization, allow it to provide a comprehensive service to large companies such as: Enagas, Naturgy, CLH, Repsol, etc.

FCC Industrial is exporting its capabilities acquired after 40 years in the domestic market to international markets in countries such as Mexico, where it is building large gas infrastructures for CFE.

  • Construction of onshore and offshore hydrocarbon transport pipelines
  • Referent in the Spanish market in the construction of gas and oil pipelines
  • Experience and leadership in the sector together with its specialization
  • Comprehensive service to large companies such as: Enagas, Naturgy, CLH, Repsol, etc.
Samalayuca-Sasabe pipeline (Mexico) Construction of a pipeline of 640 km in length, with a pipe diameter of 36 inches that will cross the states of Chihuahua and Sonora, thus supplying the power generation plants in the north and northeast of Mexico. It will connect with the Sasabe - Guaymas Pipeline and the San Isidro - Samalayuca Pipeline. The pipeline will have a capacity to transport 472 million cubic feet of gas per day.
Pipeline Mariña-Lucense (Spain) Construction of the Mariña-Lucense gas pipeline, 65 kilometers long and 16 inches in diameter. This infrastructure provides supply to more than 55,000 domestic users, businesses and industries of seven municipalities in the region, including the Alcoa plant. The works have been carried out under a complex orography and with complex meteorological circumstances, in an area of high environmental and cultural value. In its execution, 37 crossings with fluvial channels have been carried out, some of them have been carried out through directed drilling.
Submarine pipeline Baleares (Spain) Construction project of a gas pipeline between the island of Ibiza and Alicante of 269 km. The laying was carried out in two sections; the first of them between Denia and Ibiza of 123 km. The actions included the laying of the pipe to the ground, the union of the sections on the water and the laying of the pipe in the sea and the concrete lining. FCC Industrial Consortium (land section) and Saipem (subsea section).
Yela-Villar de Arnedo pipeline (Spain) Construction of the Yela-Villar de Arnedo gas pipeline, 110 kilometers long and 30 inches in diameter, with API 5L Gr X-70 pipe quality. Designed to operate at a pressure of 80 bar relative.
Cartagena-Puertollano Pipeline (Spain) FCC Industrial executed the first section of the Cartagena-Puertollano pipeline. The section runs between the towns of Mula and Cartagena in Murcia, and has a length of 92 km and a diameter of 14 inches.
Madrid-Barajas Pipeline (Spain)

Construction of the connection pipeline of the I.A. of Torrejón with the Madrid-Barajas Airport. This pipeline is 11,000 m long, of which 4,500 will run inside the Madrid-Barajas International Airport. The installed conduit has a diameter of 24 "and a steel quality of API-5L Gr.B and thickness 9.53 mm.