• Traffic monitoring systems, tolls, communication networks and control centers.
  • AVANZA platform for intelligent management of highways, roads, tunnels and bridges.
  • Optiport platform, for the management of port traffic operations.
  • SCADA systems for supervision, automatic control and security of critical infrastructures.
  • Design and development of HW equipment for control of ventilation, lighting and fire protection.
  • GMAO management and maintenance systems for industrial complexes, buildings and transport infrastructures.
  • Tactical planning systems for combat aircraft, transport and maritime patrol missions.
  • Collaborative work tools for planning strategic and operational operations.
  • Security and emergency management based on geo-location satellite systems and field deployment.
  • Development of coaches and simulators turnkey, based on virtual environments with 2D and 3D visual components, equipped with an instructor position for monitoring training sessions.
  • Modular software architecture allowing fast and easy integration and communication with other simulation components.
Traffic management of Madeira ER-1 (Portugal)

ITS project of traffic management and control systems and maintenance of tunnels on the ER-1 highway in Madeira. The ER-1 highway, 50 km long, runs along the southern coast of the island of Madeira and interconnects the Funchal capital with the airport and the industrial port of Caniçal. The works contemplate the technological renovation of traffic management and control systems. These facilities are essential for the proper operation of the Madeira Fast Way. The Closed Circuit Television System (CCTV IP) will be replaced, which will be digital and high resolution, the fiber optic communications network will integrate the data, audio and video services. The 10 main tunnels will have an automatic incident detection system based on artificial vision image analysis, and will also be equipped with digital SOS Auxiliary Poles. Finally, the tunnels will be equipped with ventilation systems and automatic lighting, as well as fire protection, all of which will be controlled by a Data Processing Center in which measurements of the volume and type of traffic will be obtained.

Control of tunnels Monrepós (Spain)
ITS project of traffic management and control systems as well as maintenance of tunnels.
Integral management of lighting, traffic lights, galleries and energy efficiency Madrid (Spain) Integral and energetic management of municipal urban installations in roads and public spaces, including surveillance services, review of the state of facilities, conservation and maintenance, adaptation and renovation of facilities: public lighting on roads, green areas and monuments; mobility control systems by traffic lights installations; fast track traffic control systems and integration of M-30 with the urban road; camera system for traffic control; automated infringement control systems; ornamental hydraulic installations, water quality treatment and vessel cleaning; lighting, ventilation, fire fighting, security and surveillance systems in tunnels, as well as the management of first intervention equipment in response to incidents in the mentioned tunnels; fire, security and surveillance installations in service galleries as well as the integral conservation of the galleries themselves, including the elements and actions on the civil works; communication systems and control centers for public lighting, traffic, ornamental hydraulic installations, galleries and tunnels, applications and associated computer systems, incident management; execution of temporary electrical installations in support of cultural activities and emergencies; management of the laboratory and public lighting warehouses, including waste management, recycling of lamps, electrical, electronic and scrap material; renovation and periodic adjustment of facilities.
Air mission planning systems (MPB, MPDS, MDB) Systems of tracking and debriefing of the aerial missions of the TLP flight courses.
TOPFAS-System for the planning of military operations. Helicopter simulator

FCC Industrial is responsible for the engineering and development areas of the software tools, as well as the support, implementation and training in the different NATO locations where the system will be installed. TOPFAS, which stands for "Tool for Operational Planning Functional Area Service", is a set of software tools that facilitate the development of NATO operational plans, systems analysis, operations evaluation and reports. In particular, TOPFAS improves the exchange of information and data as well as its availability, ensuring the quality of the information exchanged with the aim of allowing the decision-making process in a collaborative and distributed way among the different NATO estates.