FCC Industrial is committed to the principle that each of the people who work in our company or for our company, return every day to their home safe and sound and do everything necessary to achieve it.

Our workers are the most important asset that our company has and must be safe and healthy to carry out their occupations.

To achieve this we promote in all our work centers: the training of workers in our procedures and in the equipment and machinery they employ, the correct use of the appropriate personal protection equipment, the control of the health of our workers, the correct coordination of activities, the control of the preventive measures on the part of the technicians of security and health, of the people in charge of production and of the Direction of the company, with inspections to the centers.

In addition there is a series of programs that are developed in specific days and available to all workers on topics that are considered important to avoid situations that may pose a problem for our workers, such as, training on back care, management of stress, mindfulness, team management, etc.

The pillars for achieving such an ambitious goal are: