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What are cookies?

This site is owned by FCC Group (hereinafter "FCC"), specifically of the entity identified in the Privacy Policy.

This Website uses cookies and similar information storage and retrieval technologies (hereinafter, "Cookies") in order to guarantee access to certain functionalities, secure the Website and, additionally, improve its quality in accordance with users' browsing habits and style.

Cookies are a tool used by web servers to store and retrieve information about their visitors. They are files that are downloaded to the devices used to access the Website (computer, tablets, or mobile phones) and allow the website’s owner to store or retrieve certain information such as, for example, the number of times a user visits the Website, the correct identification of a registered user or to guarantee secure browsing, among others.

Cookies are used on this Website in order to facilitate browsing, for reasons of website security and to obtain greater efficiency and personalisation of the services offered to Users by means of browsing analysis.

Use of Cookies on this website

Technical cookies:

These are cookies which allow the user to browse through the website, platform or application and use the different options and services available. This includes the cookies which the website owner (FCC) uses to manage and operate the website, and enable its functions and services.

They are installed in every case.

There are certain cookies used by the Website, whose information is managed by a third party. Although we describe the technical cookies used on the Website below, you can obtain more information at https://www.dynatrace.com/support/help/how-to-use-dynatrace/data-privacy-and-security/data-privacy/cookies/


Cookie name Purpose   Ownership Duration
COOKIES_GDPR This cookie saves the user's settings regarding whether or not to enable third-party cookies.   First-party Cookie 30 days
JSESSIONID It identifies the open session between the browser and the Website. It also allows certain settings to be remembered.   First-party Cookie Session
SERVER_ID Load balancing cookie. Used to track which web server the user is using.   First-party Cookie Session
dtCookie Track a visit across multiple requests.   First-party Cookie (Managed by Dynatrace) Session
dtLaC Measures server latency for performance monitoring.   First-party Cookie (Managed by Dynatrace) Session
dtPC Required to identify proper endpoints for beacon transmission; includes session ID for correlation.   First-party Cookie (Managed by Dynatrace) Session
dtSa Intermediate store for page-spanning actions.   First-party Cookie (Managed by Dynatrace) Session
rxVisitor Stores the visitor ID to link the sessions.   First-party Cookie (Managed by Dynatrace) Session
rxvt Stores session expiry information.   First-party Cookie (Managed by Dynatrace) Session
LFR_SESSION_STATE_* Identifies the session.   First-party Cookie (Managed by Liferay) Session
COOKIE_SUPPORT Determines whether the browser supports the use of cookies.   First-party Cookie (Managed by Liferay) 1 year
GUEST_LANGUAGE_ID Stores the ID of the selected language.   First-party Cookie (Managed by Liferay) 1 year


Preference and settings cookies:

They allow information to be remembered so that the user accesses the Service with certain characteristics chosen by himself. They may differentiate the user’s experience from the others. This may include, for example, the appearance or content of the Website, depending on the browser used, the region from which it is accessed, the number of results to display when a search is performed, etc.

These cookies are only installed if the user has given their consent.

You can obtain more information about the use of preference or personalisation cookies used on the Website by accessing the following link:


Analysis or measurement cookies:

To allow the monitoring and analysis of users’ behaviour on the website, as well as allow the measurement of activity, in order to make improvements. For this purpose, the Website uses third-party cookies (Google).

They are installed only if you give permission.

For more information on the use of Google Analytics cookies on the Website, you can access the following link:


Behavioural advertising cookies:

They allow the management, in the most efficient way possible, of the Google advertising spaces that, where appropriate, the publisher has included on the web page, application or platform that you visit after this Website (when you consent to the use of these cookies). These cookies store information on the behaviour of users obtained through the continuous observation of their browsing habits, which allows a specific profile to be developed in order to display advertising based on this.

These cookies are installed only if they are accepted by the user. 

Third-party cookies used for advertising purposes may be associated with doubleclick.net or country-specific Google domains, such as google.com. For more information on the use of this type of cookies, you can access the following link:


We inform you that the configuration of your browser to reject cookies will not prevent you from browsing the Website, the only inconvenience being that you will not be able to enjoy the functionalities that require the installation of any of them.

In any case, you may revoke the consent given, as well as delete the cookies implanted in your device at any time, by following the procedure set out in "How to manage cookies".

How to manage cookies on computers

You can allow, block or delete the cookies installed on your computer by configuring the options of your Internet browser or changing them using the following link "configuration of cookies".

The following links explain how to do this:

If you wish to withdraw your consent related to this Cookies Policy at any time, you must modify the settings from the cookie settings panel, or delete the cookies stored through the settings and configuration of your Internet browser.